Building Strong

BLDG Partners is a Southern California-based real estate investment firm founded in 2010 and focused on infill development and the preservation of workforce and affordable housing.

In partnership with family offices, individual investors, and institutions, BLDG pursues opportunities to improve communities through its investments in essential housing in urban and suburban markets across the country.

With expertise in delivering quality housing to its residents and stable returns to investors, BLDG has acquired over 4,000 units of affordable, middle-income, and market-rate housing with a transaction value in excess of $650 million.

Our Mission

Investing In Our Communities

Our business is the creation and preservation of quality housing.  BLDG’s team works in communities across the country to ensure that our residents have decent, attractive, and safe places to call home.  We believe that by meeting residents’ needs we also create stable and successful investments for our financial partners.

To meet these goals, we:

  • Implement disciplined property management to ensure effective day-to-day operations and long-term asset preservation.
  • Invest in social programs and community amenities to improve safety and quality of life in our properties.
  • Employ energy improvements to reduce residents’ household expenses and lessen our environmental footprint.
  • Collaborate with non-profit organizations and community stakeholders to make a meaningful, long-term impact in our communities.

Our focus is building strong communities through thoughtful investment, partnership and management.


Deploying Expertise & Experience

Through stable, growing and challenging market cycles, BLDG looks to create value by making thoughtful investment decisions and by executing a proven asset management business model.

Our investment strategy is to work in markets where a strong economic base drives resident demand and ensures capable, local management. We then look for investments in those markets that will provide compelling returns with strong, stable cashflow.

Our development and asset management teams have broad experience in asset and property management, regulatory compliance, development and renovation that help BLDG meet its mission goals.

We work across the development and ownership spectrum from improving operations in stable properties, transforming underperforming properties, and developing new communities from the ground up.


Partnering with Community Stakeholders

BLDG seeks to partner with community-based organizations to deliver services to our residents and to help develop and fund environmentally focused improvements.

With on-site services, which can range from literacy programs for children to wellness programs for seniors and adults, we look to empower local staff and residents to help lead and shape these programs so that they fit and serve their local needs. Investments we make in community programming are amplified by the involvement of other local stakeholders, including religious institutions, law enforcement, literacy and job training non-profits, community based health organizations, and schools.

We also partner with local organizations to help house those from vulnerable communities, including veterans in need of assistance, people experiencing homelessness and domestic abuse survivors.

Similarly, BLDG works with public and private organizations in planning and deploying investments focused on green energy and efficiency. The unique relationships the firm has developed have produced surprising innovations that have made a meaningful impact in utility consumption and costs.

The social impact we hope to make as a firm is central to the firm’s investment goals and a key element to our investors.